Oh, hello there.

I'm Patrick, a San Francisco-based experience designer and strategist.

I combine my expertise as a designer with my background in strategy and project management to make sure that the products and services that I’m designing aren’t just amazing experiences for the user, but also the right strategic solution.

I thrive when working on systems-based problems where I can translate data into delightful, personalized, and actionable experiences. I specialize in design research, product strategy, and interaction design. I'm also just a huge nerd for new technology.



I'm born and raised in the Bay Area. I studied business and started my career as a strategy consultant, helping companies build and launch new products.

When I learned about design, I fell in love. I leveraged my organized, methodical way of thinking to get into the design world as a Program Manager at frog. I was in heaven. I became a student of the design process and learned from some of the best designers and technologists in the world.

I discovered that my greatest passions and abilities were as an interaction designer. I started at the bottom, learned by doing, and ultimately worked my way up to Creative Director. Wanting to stay closer to the hands-on design work and have more ownership of the products that I was pouring myself into, I left frog to pursue my entrepreneurial calling and learn how to design a business.

And that brings us to today, where I'm currently the Senior Director of Product Design at Omada Health, dorking out on behavioral health and helping people live healthier lives free of chronic disease. 

When I'm not chewing on design problems, I’m usually learning something new (most recently mobile development and backflips), cooking, running, cycling, or hiking the backcountry with my wife (Katie).



Questions? Want to build something together?